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Importance of Government Job in India | Why Sarkari Naukri is more important?

Importance of Government Jobs & Sarkari Naukri in India 
The reason after government job is to enclose a job security with an excellent salary. In private division there is a possibility of job insecurity because of different factors. The reason is to contain a first-class impact on the people. In our country anyone who is in government division is measured to be sharp and people pay attention to them. One more cause is to contribute for nation development by doing immense in these sectors. An additional reason is that in Government sector the work load is fewer as compared to private division. Each person has a vision of having a productive job with pleasing environment and has some period for ourselves. 

India is the oldest existing development in the planet. Our Country is the only one which has conserved its principles and traditions through time. Since the establishment of time and human imprints on Indian soil there was forever a planned government in one or the other form. As the Government constantly existed and so did the government jobs though in diverse names and titles. In the subsequent article we will tell you why Indians are so infatuated with Sarkari Naukri”? Value of Government jobs from country’s Economic point of sight and benefits of government jobs that formulate it extra attractive.

Sarkari Naukri in India
Why Indians are so obsessed with Government Jobs?

From starting the men who used to live in caves and were hunters and gatherers, the physically strong and able men were given the task to guide the people. In a convinced way it was a type of administration. Generally the females in the assemblage were married to these dominant men and they enjoyed their ability and command over the other people. Through the succession of the time from starting to the twenty-first century the view that “a government servant is an authoritative human being” sustained. As in the times of kingdom in India the populace in government were waged in property and currency, they grew in authority, capital and position. People at all times looked upon them with high opinion and fear as they had an air of royalty as regards themselves.

I have discovered most probable reasons that make absolute sense, why in fact certain section of a society is attracted in government jobs. 

Some Reasons are as follows:

·       Job Security – The most important thing about the Government Job is Job Security. In Private sector there remains the possibility of retrenchment during recession, therefore people working in Private Sector face the fear of losing their jobs. While in Government Sector situation of the employees more or less remains the same and the job position remained intact.

·       Pay Structure–It is a very important factor for any job searching individual. After the introduction of Seventh Pay Commission the pay which a government employees gets is in par with the corporate sector.

·       Guaranteed Monthly Salary – In Government Sector, employees gets their monthly salary which gets credited in their respective Bank accounts. While some of the Private employers delay in paying salaries to the employees.

·       Working Hours – In Government Sector there are standard working hours alike Private Sector ones where an individual has to do overtime against one’s wishes (many time without any benefits as well) and if a situation arises in government job to do overtime then he or she is entitled for extra wages.

·       Benefits and Perquisites – In Government Sector there are many allowances and facilities provided to employees. Allowances such as House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Travelling Allowance, Entertainment Allowance, Transport Allowance, Underground Allowance, Hill Compensatory Allowance etc. Facilities like Medical facilities, Rent Free Accommodation, Leave Travel Concession etc. other benefits like Leave Encashment, Gratuity, Provident Fund etc. Whereas in Private Sector only a few Companies offer such benefits which are the big one’s, majority of them don’t offer except for the mandatory ones. Moreover tax exemptions on such benefits are more for Government employees in comparison of Private employees.

Why Sarkari Naukri is more important in India | Top Reasons

Work Stress – Government Jobs are not at all stressful as compared to Private Sector jobs. The work load in Government jobs even if high would have more than enough time frame to complete it in the best manner possible manner unlike that of private sector jobs.

·       Inevitable Salary increment – In Government jobs your salary will increase which will have no correlation with performance. While in case of Private jobs appraisals and increments depends on employee’s performance.

·       More Holidays–There are more holidays in Government jobs as compared to Private sector.In addition you also have a 5 day work week. In addition to this you also have some paid holidays in a year.

·        Respect – If you are a Government employee then you will get respect from a subset of Government employees and people because of your position and power.

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