Sunday, September 5, 2021

Is a Government Job better than a Private Job? Check Advantages

Government Job vs Private Job

If someone tells to choose between  government sector or private sector, it is very difficult to take stand for either of these two forms of organisation.  Both the sectors are full of advantages and disadvantages. The performance of selecting job between these two sectors depends on personal views. Government jobs in our country are the most desirable jobs and most of the population wanted to take government jobs instead of choose private job. But with modernization and globalization many multinational companies established in our country. This multinational companies afters handsome package along with other perks and this makes comparison more difficult.

Applying for government job is complicated as compared to private job.  Application forms for government jobs have fixed date of release and submit . Applying for some government job is tough as candidates apply from all over the country. Thus, candidates need good preparation for entrance exam and once candidate clear the exam, they have to appear for a screening interview which is very important for getting a job.

Job security is the main benefit of government job.  Fear of losing job due to minor issues is 0% if you are truly dedicated towards your job. But at the same time the working  environment  in government sector is little bit dull as job security is always there in workers mind  which make them lazy and less of enthusiasm.

In private sector the selection process is totally different. In private sector, candidates don't have to give exam all the time. In private sector graduate can also get chance to show their ability to perform the work. In private sector, selection process is less time consuming as compare to government sector. But in private sector there is a risk off losing job and promotion and growth depend on your performance.

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Peace of mind is the prime advantage of a government job but  at the same time unwanted job location is the major drawbacks of any government job. In private sector each and every goat growth is depends on your performance, your work efficiency is connected to your growth.

The main drawbacks of a private job is excessive work load and bossism  but once you overcome these hardship  then company will pay anything to please you. In private sector job you can easily switch  to another company for your future growth.

Finally, selection from both the sectors is totally depends on once own choice and capability. Both the sector have their own merits and demerits.